Meeting notes

8/14/2018 - Discussed open positions webminister, and art sci officer.
Discussed possible future classes
  1. Lana to teach stamp making for dead barons for clans
  2. Lady Draza to teach puzzle locks
  3. Nal Binding socks or other sock making
  4. Caligraphy
  5. Making Chairs viking/throne/glaston burg
  6. Garb making
  7. Heraldry
  8. silk banner making

Discussed Geek fest

Christine to get funds $80 to be spent on Water jugs for the Canton and fighter/volunteer support.  Michelle to coordinate lunch plans.

Lady of the lakes

Kathy and Keri to make flyers, Brittany to research printing costs. Ian to discuss with Thyri on what we can put in the flyer.

Discussed Ring of Chivalry

Discussed Perigrin Springs Demo tentatively on the 9th.